Management analysis for private equity firms / M&A

Senior management staff are the heart of a company. Their skill, motivation and potential are vital to the future success of any business. That is why investors should turn to a comprehensive evaluation of a company’s current management team before deciding whether or not to acquire a stake in an enterprise.

Accredited, custom-tailored analysis

We provide sound and perfectly tailored management analysis to show you how promising your current leadership team is. We are here to support you in putting together a strong, proactive team that works together to chart a course towards a bright future.

Based on the widely recognised and accepted Extended DISC personality assessment tool, we test the expertise, personality, behaviour and soft skills of each individual person, allowing us to draw general conclusions about the current management team. The analysis method for which Könönen Consulting is accredited includes personality tests, cognitive tests and skills profiles, as well as individual, face-to-face interviews and web-based questionnaires.

Where does your management team stand?

A team analysis can be useful not only for investments, but also in everyday life, because personnel or structural changes are a regular part of entrepreneurial activity today. The better you understand the skills, behaviours and motivations of individual team members, the more informed your decisions will be.

We will create a team report for you as well as reports on individual people and will use all of this information to give you our recommendation as to whether the existing team has the potential to succeed or whether it would make more sense to hire new staff. You will also receive suggestions for managing team members to ensure you make full use of their potential.

Our services are available in three packages: basic, standard and full service premium. Talk to us if you would like to know more or if you have any questions.

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